Gift Rapping

by | Nov 22, 2017

A good gift is one that you never finish opening. Because you can’t. It’s too deep or wide, or maybe just too heavy to lift. But it’s forever, not simply for the moment. Like a vacation. I know. I’m 40,000′ over the Pacific, coming home from one now. Deb and I have been in Hawaii where we completely lost ourselves in a routine so unlike the one we have at home. We’ll have these times forever. Pictures. Experiences. Notes we made, some on paper some mentally. All of it will remind us again and again each time we look back at the travel. And every time, every day, in each place we visited, all of the colors and textures will be slightly different because we’re no longer there. The gift is that we’re still getting to know the vacation whenever we remember it. Every time we want to lift ourselves out of the present and recount some small part of the place we left this morning. The memory in all of its wrapping paper, in the box it came in, or even the time we decided to give it to ourselves – this is everlasting, as a good gift should be.

All This By Hand