Guardian Angels

by | Nov 12, 2021

When you make stuff you likely have this ideal that with enough practice you’ll get it. That it will come. But what’s not in the brochure, what’s not in the spiel that the guy who lures you into the room tells you, what’s not clear at the front end when you’re all starry-eyed about walking down that path of creation, of standing at a bench and answering that higher calling (sic), and or about to commit to a life that some day – however long it takes – that life delivers you to a place in time when you’ve mastered it, and you’re finally king shit or better put – King Shit – because you know it all and can’t do no wrong (sorry Mr. Roberts my old English master at The Peddie School), what they don’t tell you – what’s NOT in the playbook and you have to find out yourself in that dark space you occupy, is that you never get there, you’ll NEVER get there, and that all the articles and ALL the dumb-ass show trophies you leave with on Sunday night once or maybe twice a year, and all the affirmation that the world (and the people who spend their waking hours on forums) gives you every step along the way – these are just nothing in the bigger picture. You’re not gonna nail that frame end to end or the zero tolerance you’re chasing and often write about in your brochure – oh wait, you have a blog NOT a brochure – all of it is self-absorption to the nth degree. The sooner you reconcile this the sooner you’ll grow into the maker you can be, that you’re meant to be, and then and only then will you evolve. In the meantime get some files like I have because they will shield you from all the gaffes that are part of the process. I call them Mother’s Little Helpers. Until you master it all (and you never will) these small tools will be your Guardian Angels.

Oh and by the way bring back the rock ‘n roll organ.

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