i am not them atmo

by | Jan 1, 2012

Why do so many builders spend unfathomable hours and love on a steel frame, only to deface it with a generic carbon fork?

the only reality here is because they can atmo. it’s 2011 not 1987. the days when a fork was considered an integral part of a frame are long gone. many FNGs who install a fork from a supplier not only can’t make their own, they weren’t alive when it was a normal practice. you can’t expect folks to embrace this simply because it was once the status quo. that ship has sailed. the best we can do is share what resources we do have (and create some replacements along the way) so that another paradigm shift in the form of a new industry trend (read: mountainbike) doesn’t forever change how everything else is made and viewed. the cliffsnotes are that once the mtb era took hold, all conventions from the preceding years were left behind. nonferrous material, different methods of joining metal, slant-y frames, you name it. ps i like it all better now and i wouldn’t unring the bell if i could. take what’s served up and make something better with it.

but you still build your own steel forks. it would be easier to build with carbon forks and go with the trend. let the clock tick.
have we just all been spoon fed the claimed advantages of lesser weight and modulus this and that?

i am not them atmo.