I’m Ready To Leave

by | Nov 21, 2013

I have been leaving for as long as I can remember; all of my adult life, to be sure. It takes little to no planning because it’s a simple reflex action. My bags are always packed.

Not to sound like a shill for RS ‘Cross Team sponsor, BaileyWorks, but I keep my Whalemouth, Market Tote, and 253 Courier ready to go. Each has a purpose; the duffel is for race day kits, the tote is for man clothes, and the messenger bag is for the Dell Vostro. And I’m out the door!

To ensure (that’s ensure, with an e…) I have no needs that can’t be met while traveling, I take more than I’ll use. The duffel has three skinsuits, some jerseys and bibs, maybe eight pairs of socks, thermal jackets, some après (that’s French – look it up, huh) race clothing, a wide assortment of gloves for any possible weather, two pairs of rain pants, several summer and winter hats, at least four sets of shades, and two pairs of shoes. The normal assortment of liniments, small towels, and pins are all there too.

The man bag has three black turtlenecks, four team issue tees, some other tops if I want to prop my pal Spinelli or the cats at Firefly, two House Industries full zipper 100% wool sweaters (the kittens dig these), a few bandanas in case I get a runny nose, and of course, the usual array of man stuff for grooming including, but hardly limited to, four bars of Grandpa’s Pine Tar soap, my Pinaud talc, some expensive shaving tools, a utensil or three to clean my laughing gear, Q-Tips, and a picture of myself for whatever surface is nearest to where I’ll lay my head.

The courier bag has my ‘puter along with too many Sharpies, some other more useful writing implements, two boxes of VIAs from Starbucks, Altoids, and maybe two or three empty Altoids tins. Oh – and some Mentos. Mentos are the new Altoids.

I have a pretty unconventional but exciting life. I love the road, and am always up for making memories. Wherever I go, I clean up well, look smart, smell great, and have nice pens in case I have to write my name on something.

Does leaving let me see new roads, or see the same roads over and over again? The former represents possibility; the latter does too. It’s up to me. Plan or no plan, my bags are always packed. I can’t imagine it any other way, so for the time being, I won’t.