In The Beginning

by | Mar 22, 2021

The season begins. Last March I was doing three hour rides several times a week. This year my bicycle hasn’t moved an inch for at least three months. It rolled forward today.

When I say season I don’t mean racing. That chapter of my life is done and dusted. I’ve embraced the Slow Food equivalent of riding. No cadence checks. No distance logs.

I like looking around. Seeing everything I missed before that fateful day in October 2019. It’s all about paying attention. Stopping when I want. Not caring when I’m passed.

The first pedal of 2021 was to the liquor store. I grabbed a six pack of Long Trail. The Angry Gnome IPA. In bottles. I’ll be a glass guy until there’s no more glass around.

I won’t drink beer from a can unless it’s offered up by a pal. I only do it to be polite. It’s getting difficulter and difficulter to stick to my guns. I don’t like unsticking my guns.