Last Night

by | Dec 11, 2021

On the last night of our RSCX 2021 season (Elite Natz at noonish tomorrow) I say thank you to our group.

Ours isn’t really a team. Or a club. More than anything, I suppose we’re more a band. A troupe. Family.

I wasn’t sure what might be left after 2019. We had no title sponsor. Covid arrived and we couldn’t race.

But here we are. In the Windy City. At the end of one of our best-ever seasons. Despite it all, here we are.

A toast to BrittLee, Dan, Marzhel, Taylor, Meghan, and Clem. And most of all to The Lovely Deb.

Thank you RSCX. Thank you cyclocross. Thank you all of our sponsors. And suppliers. And fans and friends.

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