by | Dec 16, 2020

I receive many letters and reply to all of them. This one came in a circuitous way. It was sent to an old address I left in 2008. Over a year ago, the current occupant let me know that this was in the mailbox at 9 North Main Street. It was written in 2018, and sent from Japan. I’d have to imagine that when the writer never heard back he either wondered why, or let it all go. But – once I DID have the note in my hands, I sent a letter back explaining the lapse, and included my current information regarding contact. I never received a reply. Then, I did a search based on the details printed on his business card, included in the envelope. I emailed him and reiterated what I’d written in my letter. Nothing.

Things happen. Time passes. Priorities change. Letters go missing. The original was a lovely one to receive, and I keep it neatly tucked near my workbench. Maybe someday we’ll connect and continue the conversation.