Lil’ Pepper

by | Feb 23, 2018

Next up a mini-version of what I do at the bench. It’ll be a lot smaller than the picture suggests. A 49cm frame for someone needing a 66cm saddle height dimension. All the measurements will be scaled down to make this work. The top tube 52cm. A reach from a 28cm length saddle nose the ‘bars in the 50cm range. So far we’re up to 196cm and I haven’t even thought about the fork. But I will. The head tube on this one is 1.5cm taller than it would be with a horizontal top tube. I lifted it because I didn’t want it to get confused with a salt shaker. Anyway – I’m gonna make this look absolutely puss and the client will be ├╝ber happy (that’s German for immeasurably satisfied). If you’ve read this far and wondered about the frame in the last 2-3 posts, it’s on a FedEx truck on its way to JB’s. I’ve already forgotten about it. All that matters now is the wee one on my bench. I’ll get it into the science oven by late Thursday.

All This By Hand