Message Bored

by | Jan 16, 2014

What a waste of fucking time. I finally get the passwords and links, figure out how to log in and stalk folks, and only now realize how much time I’ve wasted. Yeah sure, I’ve made pals and also had chances to get on the soapbox. But is this where it all leads – to a never ending assault of opinions, messages, and, comments?

A few years ago I started looking at Facebook. I already knew how to work the forum switches. Now I get Twitter notifications all day long. And for what – just to maintain relevance? This is no way to live atmo! Yawn.

It’s all about the validation situation. Surround yourself with a posse, pop off and see what kind of trouble you can start, and then sit back and wait for props. Someone will always reply. Or Like what you wrote. Or send an email mentioning how much sense you make. Sheesh.

So many needy people, so little time. All looking for an audience. And I have a ringside seat. I miss the quiet days when the most important decision was when to chase a ball, or nap, or maybe how much food to dump in my bowl. It was all much simpler before this Internet #?@*! But here I am, logged in, and using the Dell Vostro 1710 to rant about it – every fucking day. Yawn.

I need to detach from all this e-CRAP. I get enough support from my mom and the folks who love me. No need to find a network just to feel better about myself. But heck, the needle remains firmly stuck. I love reading the nice words folks write about me, and even believe most of it. Isn’t that normal – don’t others login for the same reason? It’s 2014. What’s wrong with shallow anyway?

Oops, must run. Deb and e-RICHIE (what kind of name is that for a grown man?!) are coming back. And if he ever finds out I have his passwords I’ll be sold for sandwich meat. So, until next time – if there is a next time – thanks for reading.

Buddy The Maltese Milkball Sachs
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