My Bad Boy

by | May 15, 2020

This bad boy is six weeks old today. I made it last summer, then sent it over to Milano for the #columbuscentoexhibition, then received it back in late January before deciding what to do with it. I didn’t make it so I could have a new bicycle. I’ve been on a CX unit since 2002. But my hardwiring yearned for something different, something new. It’s a theme that catches more in its net than bicycles. One revolution at a time.

I’m riding two to three hours a day. Longer on the weekend. One day off for every seven. I still subscribe to the routine bubble bath for training, therapy, and mind control. Mine, that is. An hour in what begins as scalding hot water with more bubbles than a Lawrence Welk rerun, along with a recent copy of W or Robb Report, and with two liters of iced water with a splash of cranberry and orange juice to keep me hydrated during the shvitz.

All This By Hand