My Four Hours On Sunday.

by | Nov 9, 2020

I rarely know which direction I’ll turn when I hit the driveway, much less the destination. I just go, but with an abstract idea of for how long rather than how far.

Today I moseyed over to the other side of Guilford, almost to Stony Creek. On the way back I took my customary jaunt to the end of Whitfield Street to pause.

The shoreline is beautiful. I never take it for granted. For a Jersey kid, it ain’t the Atlantic or, more specifically, Belmar. But it’s coastline, and it always delivers.

On the return I found Neck Road in Madison, a turn I’ve never taken. As I was exploring it I wondered why. One stretch is more beautiful than the next. I’ll be back.

This is me. It’s what contentment looks like in 2020. Riding just to ride. Simply to ride. No intervals. No goals. No finish lines. And no safety pin holes in my kit.

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