My Pegoretti

by | Apr 9, 2022

I launched this today. 100 minutes on my private circuit in the park that serves as a cemetery while looking mostly like a cemetery unless I’m in the area with no tombstones.

That loop is 80 seconds at most and flat enough that two cog combinations are plenty. There are 24 on this bad boy. The industry lost its way years ago. I roll with it best I can.

I’ll get a longer stem after by June maybe sooner. Right now it matters little that I settled in on the short side. My reality is that inventories are on a shorter side than me.

I spent 13 days in Milano in late 2019, a good deal of it with Pietro and Cristina. But it wasn’t until that fateful day I walked into Dario’s workshop that I committed to an order.

I didn’t need a bicycle. But the energy flow under that roof was so intense that my mind was made up before any of us even said hello. This bad boy arrived last summer.

Dario and I met in the late ‘90s and became fast friends. We shared experiences. We shared a vision. We shared many of the same opinions. But then the angels called.

My relationship to and with the man lives on. Pietro and Cristina, and those in their workshop, are now Dario. But the best part is they’re so much more at the same time.

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