On Cleats

by | Aug 12, 2020

I’m here testifying. Cleats have an expiration date. I changed mine last August readying for the 2019 CX season. Then raced. Kinda. Then quit after DCCX. Then kept riding through the ensuing months. By the way, ensuing is a word that we should use more in daily conversation.

Two days ago, the 10th for those still reading, this boy – me, little Richie from the old neighborhood, and also a Jew – this boy had his own Personal Jesus moment. After months of knowing I had a problem, I finally acted on it. And grabbed some replacements.
What a difference. No more unplanned releases. The connection between my shoe and pedals inspires. I’m rolling up slight inclines in a smaller cog. And I can get out of the saddle without launching my left foot. Replace those cleats. Sooner than I did.

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