Pegoretti 28.6mm F.C. Clamp


The elegant solution to mating a front changer with a 28.6mm diameter seat tube.
Exclusive Officina Dario Pegoretti S.R.L design.
CNC aluminum, anodized black.
Fasteners included.
Made in San Giovanni Lupatoto (Verona).



During my December 2019 visit to Officina Dario Pegoretti S.R.L. I asked Cristina and Pietro about the elegant 33.2mm clamps they supplied with their frames. Dario conceived these several years ago and his pal Castagnino Remo fabricates them. I asked for permission to have versions in 28.6mm for my own bicycles. Granted!

In 2004 Dario and I designed the PegoRichie tubing made by Columbus. With these beautiful small parts, there can be a little bit more Dario to wrap around the seat tubes.

This component is an exclusive Officina Dario Pegoretti S.R.L design.