Richard Sachs Piccoli Gioielli Front Dropouts


Investment cast in steel.



Going back to at least the turn of this century I sensed that parts needed for the continued manufacture of my hand made frames were becoming scarce. I had the feeling that much of what I depended upon to make my bicycles was going the way of the vinyl record. In the preceding decade, nearly everything I used in my frames was designed or made in an earlier era. The materials were dated and perhaps more important, in limited supply. By 2002 it was clear that framebuilding, at least in the traditional one-man one-frame manner, was in the margins. Few from the supply side of things would ever look at us again as potential clients. Well, I took that as a dare, and I decided to become a player rather than get played.

Ten years, five lug sets, two fork crowns, two bottom bracket shells, some braze-ons, and a tube set or three later, I’m happy to add another clue to the treasure hunt. These new RS PG dropouts are in production and will be added to the above list so that that all of us can enjoy a wider range of parts with which to assemble our frames.