The RS Logo Cravat


The idea for these ties came in 2017. My pal Rich Roat (RIP) and I were scheming ways to present variations of the RS tessellated logo pattern that House Industries created for my bicycles. I’d been gifted a tie with a Josh Bach label and wondered. Josh Bach Limited is a Manhattan based neckwear brand. Rich and I thought a cool bespoke tie would be haute style. I began my conversations with Mr. Bach immediately. We had sample patterns and colors on art files within weeks. Then, after a series of life-getting-in-the-way episodes, the project fell off the radar. Happily, I picked it up this past winter and here we are – beautiful silk ties for RS owners, their friends, and anyone who loves fine design.

Data point – One of my Kamakura OCBD Tokyo Slim Fit shirts was used for the background in the main product image.


– Four color combinations
– 100% Italian Silk
– Measures 57″ long and 3″ wide
– Hand-finished in New York City
– Keeper Loop in same material

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Cerulean + Cream, Grey + Black, Grey + Red + Black, Silver + Black, Yellow + Red