Richard Sachs Seat Lug Survival Kit

by | Nov 10, 2017

Keeping things tight is part of the task. Around here that includes the seat post. After 45 years at the bench, having tried countless brands and designs, my own is now a reality. My desire was to produce a seat lug bolt assembly whose quality and precision matched the frames I make. Not a part from the Carter era. Not a part made for the aftermarket. Not one made to a price and stored for convenience in the tool box or glove compartment for that fateful day when it was needed. I wanted the component to be as well thought out and manufactured as all the others I’d assemble my bicycles with. Now I have it.

The RS Seat Lug Bolt and Nut are precision machined from aerospace grade stainless steel solid bar stock. The pitch diameter of the bolt was held to a super precise tolerance prior to cold forming on dedicated thread rolling equipment. Rolled threads result in a part that is 30% stronger and has a superior surface finish. The care put into this one component demonstrates that whether you are making parts for airplanes, or for bicycles, the details matter.

For more on the project from Horst Engineering, the Connecticut firm that made these, read this page.

Bundled with SILCA 5mm allen key, 2.5 milliliters of NFS Race Grease, and some Twizzlers goodness.

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