RSCX 2020 Update

by | Jul 9, 2020

‘Cross is coming. But the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team is sitting this season out.

In light of the health risks related to COVID-19, RSCX will stay off the parcours in 2020. Even if racing does return this autumn, we won’t. This was a difficult decision to make, and I deliberated on it for most of the spring. It’s the right choice.

We’ve been looking forward to what was going to be a rebuilding season. Several new riders. A change in management. And of course, new colors, kits, and bicycles.

Since February, House Industries has been working on our annual style changes for graphics and apparel. I have a motherlode of garments in the process of being printed and sewn. And there are 15 team frames at the paint shop. I‘ll figure out what to do with these later. In the wide picture, none of it matters.

Many things do matter in 2020 but cyclocross isn’t on the list. As a team, we’ll do our best to be good citizens of the world, and continue as ambassadors for cycling. Competition, and pinning on numbers, can wait.

I want to thank the folks at House Industries, as well as simplehuman, RADIX, The Chiu Family, Rajanaka Yoga, and TEXmarket USA for their support. These thanks are extended to industry partners Cole Wheels, Challenge Tires, Stages Cycling, Giro Sport Design, Connex Chain, and Crankbrothers.

RSCX is a direct descendant of the club system that defined bicycle racing when it found me. Started as CYBC (Connecticut Yankee Bicycle Club) in the late 1960s, I entered the fold in 1973. In 1981 my business became the title sponsor. A road-centric group for many decades, I made the decision to veer over to cyclocross in the middle 1990s. As a family of brands we’ve been on the playing field for the last 39 years. The streak ends now.

Stay healthy. Look after others. Be kind. Vote. And never fucking relent.

See you next year.

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