So Many Thanks To You

by | Aug 24, 2014

This past weekend we were at The Rapha Club in New York for an exhibition produced by House Industries in collaboration with Rapha. It was part Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team 2014 presentation and part retrospective of my work. Friday was dedicated to the former while the latter stays in place for another month.

I want to say thanks to everyone who followed the event’s wind up online and to those who came in person. There are too many names to list and I’m afraid I’ll leave someone out, but it’s important to me to write this: I was overwhelmed by the attention and support that all of you gave to me, to my wife Deb, to my team mates Dan, BrittLee, and Dan, and to my special guest and friend Joe Bell, the man who has masterfully painted my bicycles for nearly 30 years. Normally I am comfortable with crowds and speaking extemporaneously in front of them. I was uncharacteristically speechless on Friday, almost to the point of feeling like a visitor watching my own life pass quickly. Again, if you read about the evening or were there, thank you very much.

Special thanks to Andy, Rich, Bondé, Adam, Jess, Ken, Lu, Chris, and all who work at House Industries. The same thanks go to Angelo Cruz for his beautiful pinstripe work on the bicycle wheels, and a huge thanks to Carlos Alejandro for all the photography.

I want to thank Jeremy Dunn, Jen Nordhem, Chase Anderson, Mike Spriggs, and the staff at The Rapha Club for opening their doors to us and being gracious hosts.

The event focused on my brand’s history and, by extension, cyclocross as well as the hand-made, independent framebuilder community. There’s too much crossover between what we all do for the tide not to be raised by the attention paid to Friday night’s activities and to the month long display at The Rapha Club.

The evening has come and gone. We’ve celebrated the 2014 launch for the RSCX Team’s new bicycles, livery, and sponsors. The rest of what’s in place is about my past. I’m not one for nostalgia or venerating what was; my life as a bicycle maker is about the present, with a dose of taking some of what works well along with me into the future. In the meantime, I hope you can visit The Rapha Club and enjoy a peek at my first 40 plus years at the bench and at the races. Thank you very much.