by | Jul 10, 2017

As with everything there are the spots. Not all are high ones. Most are good ones. But when the fall happens I dunno what leaves first, trust or faith. I got myself a situation or three that I’m sure (based on life so far) won’t even be memorable a month from now. These deals the alliances the things you wanna make happen so that they appear to happen so organically ya’ just wanna sit there and grin when they do, but certainly take no credit for your part in them. But then a thing goes missing. Or a pal. It’s such a balls in the air situation some days that it’s weird more don’t hit the ground. I’m used to the juggling the keeping up appearances crap. But every so often there are these spots and all I can do all I can muster and hope for is to look up high and know that it’s where I belong not here. My mom empowered me with a phrase a thought process a belief system from her days as a mentor of school principals. It’s see it done. Three words no waiting. I need to see it done and find the spot that’s not this one.

All This By Hand