The End

by | Aug 3, 2020

In the beginning. Every commission is three maybe four days of small decisions. Some get in the way of others. Sequence is often rearranged. I mean – the goal is to make a bicycle frame that’s well designed and let’s the client find an efficient and comfortable position.

It’s not about lengths and interference fits. Sometimes it is. Things have to be right. What we do – what I do – enables the wheels to sandwich the client so that vehicle rolls efficiently and turns easily. It all has to look good too. That’s why I have to lean on things a bit.

Removing material is part of the job. Not to lighten the whole. To make it beautiful. That elegance stuff I’m fixated on. There isn’t a playbook for craftwork. Repetition is the only way to know how deep I should go, and when to stop. The last file stroke is the end.

All This By Hand