The Unplanned Ride

by | Sep 4, 2021

that wasn’t as much fun as i planned for. a three hour ride across the river turned into a combination climbfest trafficfest. the bridge at goodspeed landing had more vehicles backed up in every direction (there are seven of them) than i’ve ever seen since arriving in chester.

i wanted to scoot around to the left of moodus and dip down for a few loops at hurd state park. get me a glimpse of the old frank davis resort. pass by cave hill too. and see if the klar crest is still standing. moodus was once the catskills of connecticut. sadly, not any longer.

it makes sense to think through a ride even if you take it to leave thinking behind. today i had hopes of pedaling around some of the hoods that were my training loops in the ‘70s and ‘80s. back roads that were once invisible are now highways. i’ve changed a bit too.

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