Things To Do

by | Mar 28, 2020

Things to do before I cross the line. Peel back some stickers. Trim the wires. Find a longer stem. Some road pedals. Decide which wheels to use. Get excited.

That last thing get excited is real. I haven’t had a new road bicycle since the middle aughts. Maybe earlier. And last night when I was shaking down this one in the ‘hood, I wondered. What for? Just to have new? To have different?

That other one, the one facing west. It’s my CX unit from 2007. My daily rider. Part of a matching pair I raced on. This one has had a good nine paint jobs since birth, each to match the ever-changing RSCX livery.

It all comes down to this. What happens to what I know, to what I lived with for so long, and put it all aside for something new? In the past, moments like these would excite me. Now, less so. Today at least.

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