To Soothe The Waters

by | Jun 2, 2021

I do all this work and the lot of it begins as a pile of metal. Some tools are on the side. Some abrasives. A couple of benches. Maybe if I’m guessing right, some three odd tons of fixtures. And my experience. And the client. And his deposit check. And patience. From him AND from me. So every 4-5 days when the cycle begins again, my job is to look at the pile and in it find the bicycle frame that 1) I wanna make and, 2) fits and works superbly for that guy I mentioned. At every step along the way, I look at the materials and wonder what I have to do to remove some of it and only leave the good stuff behind. That good stuff left behind becomes my revenue stream once it’s a bicycle I can hand over to that guy. As much as I love removing everything and leaving the good stuff, I really, really love the revenue stream.

All This By Hand