by | Apr 11, 2020

“Connecticut-based Richard Sachs (51) began building frames in the early 1970s. A defining moment for him came later in the decade when he tuned in to a television series produced by National Geographic called Living Treasures of Japan. In it, nine of Japan’s most revered craftsmen are portrayed including a sword maker who designs according to a secret ritual and a bronze bell maker.

Another defining moment was when a customer pointed out the similarities between what he does and what the English shotgun manufacturer James Purdey & Sons has been doing since 1814. Since then, as the Links page on his website would suggest, he takes less inspiration from the bicycle industry than he does from the world of other high-craft objects such as Longmire cufflinks; Patek Philippe and Roger W. Smith wristwatches; Marinella neckties; C.H. Becksvoort furniture and Monteleone guitars.”
All This By Hand