What A Week

by | Oct 27, 2017

Wow what a week it’s been. I recall this one and the three to five before it while having a late happy hour or is it Happy Hour at the Staybridge Inn somewhere in my home state of New Jersey. Here for HPCX in Monroe Township according to my opinion. I love this race. I love this venue. And I’m ready to turn myself inside out for a result. I digress. Normally I’d be at Bada Bing’s now but it closed after Tony left and the credits rolled. Understandable. The boy never left Jersey. Never will. And I did get a full day of work (the labor kind, as opposed to the virtual kind) between DCCX and leaving for here this morning. I have this one single frame that’s taking almost a month to finish and you’re looking at it now. It’s a repeat order for a client from the other side of the country. I’ll leave it at that. It’s not as if nothing else has been made or brazed or checked or cut in the meanwhile. But every so often a single start takes what seems like forever to finish. No I don’t stand there next to the materials and ponder the meaning of long(er) head tubes or disc brakes. I don’t weigh the options regarding a spec leaning over to one side by 15 thou. I never worry that the cat or kitten will take this bad boy on gravel but never ever once did he/she ask for a gravel bike cough cough cough. I get to a point when a moment one moment thankfully not too many because if there were (many) I wouldn’t have much of a revenue stream to hang my toes in – every so often a moment takes forever.

All This By Hand