What’s Important

by | Jan 3, 2022

The most important part of what I do isn’t what I give to a client after some 3-4 days at the workbench. It’s not the design. Or the personal service. Or the paint. But without the paint I may second guess some of my opinions. I’m lucky. JB and I have been a couple for almost four decades. But the decorations, the beautiful high-gloss finishes, the immaculate handcraft – these would be nothing if I didn’t know where the line was. If I occasionally cross it, fine. So be it. But the drill is getting as close as I can without having so much as a toe on the other side. It’s more important to know what to leave out than it is what to go forward with. That’s why every bicycle has just a wee bit less than it might otherwise. And most of that bit lands to the left of where I stand each day. The bicycle is all of this. All of it. But I keep some of it here to remind to stop at the right moment rather than a second or ten too late.

All This By Hand