by | Aug 7, 2015

I’m calling time out. I’ve been opening up drawers, scanning artifacts, and writing about pieces of my puzzle every day for the last several months. If you missed any or want to see them again, they’re stored on my site. Click here to read about the world according to me.

The reflective words and sepia-tone photographs will come again someday. For now, I’m clawing my way back to the present. I’ll still add content. I may even shift focus and post images of Buddy the Maltese Milkball, or what I had for lunch. Or do a montage (that’s French for Age Mountain) showing folks wearing RS socks. Look out Bill Cunningham. Maybe I’ll keep you informed as I reach race weight over the next few weeks. My Withings scale reads 144 today and I have a pair of 30” Tellason Denim jeans begging for another intimate moment with me.

The cyclocross season begins soon. Once it does, I’ll be shameless in letting people know every detail of every RSCX Team rider each day every weekend until the Natz are over in January. Deal with it. For now, consider my typewriter ribbon dry and in need of replacement, or that my supreme level of self-absorption has left the building. I’m sure it will return soon. In the meanwhile, I’ll deal with it.

This image shows a sill near the bench of a studio I rented for most of the 1980s. For the last several months I’ve stood at my own window daily and looked in. I’m going back to looking out again. I hope to see you.

Thanks for reading atmo.

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