A Mighty Wind

by | Oct 31, 2013

For someone who doesn’t plan, who’s never looked much past the present, or who’s never even had a real goal, fate is a powerful force. I trust it. Until now, I’ve been batting 1,000. Paraphrasing Chico Escuela, “Serendipity been betty, betty good to me.”  I’ve landed in all the best places.

Being passive and detached completely unattached has worked well. But lately I have been wondering what it’s like to have ambition. Others get these memos at an earlier age; perhaps when they leave school, or want something they don’t have, and must find ways to get it. My sense is that I have the tools to do some of this work myself. Finally, huh.

These thoughts come as much from curiosity as from necessity. I haven’t felt the pull with the same force as I once did. In my quiet time I wonder where the wind went. Has life’s clutter added so much weight that the wind has given up blowing in my direction? Am I at that moment when the rest is up to me? That’s the long shadow cast by time.

Letting the wind escort me around has been my personal varsity sport. I’ve been content to be a receiver of things and situations. But I’m at a tipping point and believe it would be good to play a more active role here. Rather than be a guest in my own routine, I should be the host. Jeez – this is beginning to sound like the preamble to my Bar Mitzvah speech. Anyway…

They say the eyes are a window to a man’s soul. Wrong atmo. You can tell so much more by how he manipulates pop culture references to make points in conversation. Let’s go to the videotape –

The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind.

Eh, sorry Bob. If that’s the case I’ll have to continue looking.

I’ve got so much more to think about.
Deadlines and commitments,
What to leave in, what to leave out.

Hey other Bob – I never loved your music, but those words speak to me!

I think my first goal will be to turn off The Weather Channel. After that, I’ll vow to listen only to instrumentals. And I’m so close to printing an invitation, stuffing it in an envelope, and sending it to myself. On it will be the words, “Follow me. I’ll take it from here. Today I am a man.”  Finally, huh.