Don’t fix it, if it isn’t broken

by | Mar 3, 2011

A little press from NAHBS 2011:

Richard Sachs’ seven-year waiting list hasn’t been earned by virtue of offering the latest features and constantly chasing the elusive target of cutting-edge technology. In fact, the header on his web site proudly declares that, “technology alone is a poor substitute for experience.”

With more than 35 years of framebuilding behind him, Sachs champions the continual refinement of old school pinned and brazed lugged steel construction and with the exception of paint – which is done by Joe Bell – he continues to do every aspect of each build himself using the same custom-spec PegoRichie steel tubing that has faithfully served him and his factory ‘cross team for years.

Not surprisingly, Sachs’ 2011 NAHBS booth was virtually identical to what he used in 2010 with the familiar consistent collection of trademark red road, ‘cross and track bikes – and just like last year, it was consistently full of people, too. Despite his frames’ coveted status, one pair of utterly filthy ‘cross bikes still served as a clear reminder: these things may be highly sought-after but they’re still meant to be used.

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