framebuilding is simultaneously mechanical and organic

by | Jan 3, 2012

I was wondering if you ever have an itch do try something out that, while it may up on your for-sale rigs, isn’t motivated by that. And yup, every one is a unique product/ moment/ shot to get it done.

thanks atmo. there is nothing i would change on my bicycle frame’s visuals. i think they are without flaw. every point, edge, ink color, radius, shade, and shape is exactly what i want and have worked towards, and making them look that way gets easier with each passing season. but – that no two are alike design-wise makes it such that each frame is being built for the first time ever. any one who has ever made a cut in metal, used a heat source to join it, or has had to coordinate so many intersections as are part of the task of making a frame – any one who has undertaken any of these operations would have to feel similarly. framebuilding is simultaneously mechanical and organic.