Go Get Some

by | Jul 19, 2020

Another five yesterday. And for most of the summer my fascination with the back (way, WAY back) roads across the river continues. Moodus and parts of East Haddam call my name. I open up Google Maps before I leave the driveway, and look for places to get lost in.

For those following, I’m trying to connect loops I know but stay off any state roads. If it has a number, I avoid it. If the word “hill” is in the name, I’m there. Lack of pavement? Yes, come to papa. And I’m sure many of these places lack cell service.

Here are some new gems to consider. And they’re all within the two towns mentioned above. Stockburger Road. Desmond Road. Bogue Lane. Juda Lane. Old Orchard Road. Sims Road. Silas Holmes Road. Bone Mill Road. Okay – go out and get some.

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