It’s Black And White

by | Aug 28, 2019

I emptied the tank yesterday. Four hours over to Stony Creek. I didn’t take the side roads into Sachem Head. It was more about getting some legs back in the legs rather than exploring. This was a regular ride I did before we left the Lower River Valley. There are many ways to get across. The Post Road is one. It depends on time of day and traffic flow. Or I can grab a network of lanes to Guilford and then hit Leetes Island Road. No matter what the loop includes, once I take the right off of Whitfield Street I’m in another world. I should know. I live in another world. So being in two on the same day is a gift I’m happy to wrap and give myself. And this year the number is high. I’ve spent more time on my bicycle since late January than I have in over a decade. And for what? The sights are divine. And the fresh air lets me think in ways I can’t while at the bench. Both places afford me solitude and a chance for introspection. But when I’m riding, the focus is crystal clear. As the days start to chill and get shorter, my recurring thoughts are about why. Am I riding to get somewhere, or am I riding to leave where I am? This year has been about transition. And shedding skin. I’m closer than ever to knowing. Really knowing.

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