On Stopping

by | Aug 31, 2019

I could stop. But won’t. Five six of these a month. And when I get to this place. I’m fascinated with my work. I shot four dozen images. This one. So many things happen to make this so right. For years it was a vision. Sometimes a struggle. And then one day it appeared. Without. Even. Thinking.

Every unit is comprised of too many decisions. And even more file strokes. Coercing flowing silver alloy is part of this. That scene where Hendrix uses body english to lure a flame up and down the neck of his Strat. I do this. Now, I do this. Five or six of these a month.

I had to get to the second half of a career at the bench to understand the nuances of process. I’m not making a bicycle frame (and fork.) And this is about only one thing. But many one things strung together. And the last one doesn’t happen unless all before it flows. Flowing is simple. But not easy.

All This By Hand