Limited Edition RGM Watch

by | December 28, 2008

In the grand tradition of gold and rugged instrument watches, RGM Watch Company is excited to introduce the North Pointer GMT, RGM Reference 254. Featuring the time, date, and a 24-hour index with a unique red pointer, this watch combines a large, eminently readable dial with bold new hands and highly luminous indices. The style is purely RGM–hearkening back to some discontinued icons of the line—and is designed to bring a new level of practicality to the label RGM Professional.

RGM Watches North Pointer GMT

RGM’s New Point of View: The North Pointer GMT

Within the classic RGM stainless steel case and beneath the expansive sapphire crystal resides a sensible black dial laid out in a most logical manner: the unobtrusive outer minutes/seconds track encircles the large hours chapter ring which, in turn forms the boundary of a subtle 24-hour ring. Each indicator is given no more prominent display than it deserves, and the resulting effect is one of balance and ease of understanding. Likewise. hands of this new watch are both visually appealing and utilitarian. The seconds hand is minimalist; the hour hands are strong and well illuminated, featuring cut-outs to facilitate the reading of the GMT track. These are impressive features, but it is the watch’s compass-like 24-hour indicator that catapults this design into the realm of special instruments; the North Pointer GMT’s namesake hand injects a subtle dash of bold color and personality into an otherwise sedate and pragmatic palette.

The North Pointer GMT’s 24-hour indicator is more than merely a decorative way to distinguish the second time-zone indication of this watch. By holding the watch horizontal and positioning oneself so that the main hour hand of the watch points to the sun, the wearer can use the North Pointer GMT’s red hand to identify the direction of north.

Additionally, as one would expect from RGM, the pragmatism is retained within the watch. The movement is a modified high-grade Caliber 2893-2—a tried and tested engine whose less complicated brethren have proven their worth in a variety of other top-quality RGM watches. Due to the quality of its 38.5 mm x 11.8 mm brushed steel case, the watch is endowed with anti-magnetic protection as well as water resistance to a depth of 300 feet.

A variety of leather straps is available including a set made of rubber, fitted to the shape of the case and lugs. As with any RGM watch, the North Pointer GMT can be customized to the wishes of the owner. Several styles of hands are available; the customer may select those which he or she feels best compliment the watch.

A special limited edition of the North Pointer GMT is also being offered to celebrate the partnership between RGM and Richard Sachs, the celebrated bicycle manufacturing and racing establishment with whom RGM has been associated for more than two years. Twenty RGM North Pointer GMT watches will be issued with a special case back design, fitted red straps, and a dial featuring the intertwined RS logo.

For pricing, ordering, and customization options, please visit the RGM Watch company web site, or call 717.653.9799.