Little Jewels All In A Row

by | May 13, 2016

The transition continues according to my opinion. And to endure it, I’m bundling more RS cast frame building parts for sale in an effort to lighten the invoice I get next month from the Mayflower Moving Company. On offer today, Friday the 13th of May, is a two-pack of Piccoli Gioielli dropouts. Until further notice and by replying to this post only, all eight parts will be delivered to your door for $100. Note: this price is good for all CONUS addresses. If you’re watching from a foreign land and are interested, I’ll be happy to quote S+H.

How to buy? Send a $100 PayPal to In the checkout memo, mention your choice of rear dropout angles. 64 degrees, 68 degrees, and 72 degrees are the options. PS Remember it’s $100 for two sets of front and rear dropouts, $200 for four sets, $1000 for twenty sets, etc etc blah blah…