Bring Back The Elegance™ V.2


I first uttered these words in 2012 and have been slowly metering out the phrase ever since. The original graphic was created using MS Paint and never updated. Until now.

This BBTE™ tee is the result of child labor. I asked pal Evert Lee, he of House Industries fame, if maybe just maybe his 5-year-old daughter Coco Bodoni Lee could take a stab at the art file. So, in her exquisite penmanship we now have Version Two. Haute according to my opinion.

RSCX- House Industries Winter Hat and Caddis Readers sold separately.

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Six sizes fits most.
100% Ring-Spun cotton and nearly as much editorial comment.
Ink laid down in Delaware by Other Industries.
Very uniquely haute design coded collar sizes.

International people: My site doesn’t play nicely with non-USA zip codes so if you’re interested in this item please email. I’ll reply with instructions on how we can make this happen.

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