That Moment

by | Apr 25, 2019

There’s a moment in every assembly when the line appears. And you start to cross it. The other side is where hope is. And hope is everything when you make something for others. Because you make it for yourself first. Sometimes only. The rest is part of an equation that ties creativity to commerce. That bonds desire with supply. I make for myself.

That line comes up fast. On the first day for me. It’s when I’ll get a sense of where the material stands in contrast to everything else I’ve touched. The line is thin enough to know what’s past it. The line is thick enough to get stuck on it and wonder where things will go. Tolerances. Craftwork. Expectations.

When you make something for others, dreams are involved. Not theirs. Mine. These are all I care about. And why I come to the bench each day. So when the line comes up fast, I hope work doesn’t go sideways. Because it can. It does. And when that happens I have to dig deeper. Because everything I need lives on the other side of the line.

All This By Hand