The Candy Store

by | July 30, 2020

Few things are as evocative of my old hood (Bayonne, NJ) as the neighborhood candy store. The most I’d ever walk to find one was a block. Back then, they had soda and ice cream fountains, marble countertops with swivel stools, at least one often two pinball machines, a telephone booth (Google it), and sold newspapers, Spauldings, cigarettes, and those airplane kits made from balsa wood. Oh and you could play the numbers there too (Google it.)

Nearly all of these places had a Breyer’s Ice Cream sign above the front door similar to the image pasted in here. I fuck off on some Facebook pages dedicated to my hometown, and I’m here, now, to testify that I miss some of the old days and the way life happened then. I’m not a “Hey kid, get off my lawn” type of guy. I’m openminded and accept change. I just don’t think all of it is for the good. I’d like to see that Breyer’s sign in my dreams tonight. That’s all.

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