Simply To Ride

by | Jul 26, 2020

The exploration continues. I got a late start today but snagged a good four hours, and rolled back into my driveway by 5:20PM. I’m taking tomorrow off.

I cruised over to one of my favorite areas from the ‘90s era just to look around and take a measure of the changes. Petticoat Lane in East Haddam and beyond.

To get there I snake my way up to Tylerville, ride across the metal bridge, and do a loop that gets me onto Creek Row and Old Orchard Road.

When I turned left onto Petticoat it was time to reminisce. With the exception of a winery and a wood-fired pizza cafe, the landscape was familiar.

The roads I found but didn’t remember were Silas Holmes, Sheepskin Hollow, and Florida. There should be an award given to the cat who named these.

Tater Hill Road No. 1 and A.P. Gates Road were also cool stretches that extended my time in the saddle in search of deep and quiet spaces.

2020 is an appropriate time for me to ride simply to ride. It’s a number on the calendar, but also describes the clear vision I have when on my bicycle.

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