The Mosey Ride™

by | Jun 18, 2018

Deb and I did The Mosey Ride™ today. We have variations on a theme. One has become more popular than others – The Tour de Crumb Cake. We hop on our bicycles in the backyard, pedal a circuitous loop, get to Essex, and hope there’s outdoor seating at Not Ken’s Coffee House. The original Ken’s was bought and renamed while we were on our 8 year sojourn in the woods, and it’ll always be Ken’s Coffee House to us. The crumb cakes there are over the top. TLD and I are devotees (pronounced the French way) of crumb cake. Not Ken’s has these bad boys that are a good 85% crumb with just enough bottom to use the term “crumb cake” and not have any brand sluts crying foul.

But today we took another route heading west a bit through the back hills of Ivoryton and over to Westbrook. We never hit the villages, turning off just as the town centers approach. The goal on a mosey ride is to pedal softly, look around, and have together moments. It’s a specialty, but it can never be assumed. I wanted to keep as much of the ride in sunshine for my personal tan line fetish and Deb said okay. True love. We made a pact to yell boo whenever there were trees shading the sun, and then go as slow as possible when we were back in its rays.

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