Interview with Richard Sachs: :The Outspoken Cyclist (#2)

by | Oct 28, 2012

It’s been difficult to escape the Lance-centric USADA-fueled, and now UCI-driven cycling saga of 2012. Billions of bytes and pixels have been spilled over the revelations of doping in the pro peloton over the past several weeks. You may think you’ve read and heard all there is on this topic, but you’d be wrong…

This week, The Outspoken Cyclist checks in with framebuilder, cyclocross racer, and opinionated observer of all things, Richard Sachs. Richard has a perspective that is unique and sometimes controversial, but always atmo.

If they didn’t take anything, I guess the Tour de France would end in September because it would take that long to recover and start again the next morning using just Cream of Wheat, bananas, and Gatorade.

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The Outspoken Cyclist