All This By Hand

by | Mar 27, 2017

Mechanical art from 1982. This is the board sent to the print shop to make decals for the head tube and seat tube. A bit fragile after so many turns being shifted in and out of storage folders, looked at, and then hastily returned. It’s in a bit of disarray. But it’s all there. Look closely and you can see the separate film overlays that dictate which color is printed, and in what order.

My memory is foggy but I guess we took the long road to get these done because there were no computer programs to do it for us. No keypads or pages to navigate. No MS Paint or Photoshop. Just imagination, talent, and some X-Acto blades. And a lot of imagination and talent. That’s what’s missing these days. It’s there, but it’s a subset of whatever app is being used at a given moment.