Just Keep Walking

by | Feb 14, 2017

One of the day’s pleasures is taking my dog for a walk. That’s not walking the dog. The latter is about routine, getting him some exercise, and letting him pee. When we walk together, it’s a chance to get away from everything and let the steps lead us. Hardly a plan. No prescribed routes. And stopping to sniff or just sit down to catch a breath is fine. Sometimes encouraged. An hour or so for these indulgences is about normal.

My daily is filled with me and more me. Waking moments are consumed with what’s at the bench and how to tie a ribbon around it. In these digital times, the box is wider and deeper, and the ribbon much longer. It’s like a room you come into and realize there are no exit signs. Some punch holes through the walls and leave, often with a last declaration so all left inside know full well that they’re going. But they still peek through the window. Most do. I think they do.

Walking with Buddy – the aptly named Buddy – is a way for me to stand on tiptoes and have a look outside. There are other pleasures I take to remind myself to live a fuller life. Not many. But enough.