My Craft, Explained

by | Apr 1, 2016

Bicycle making is a meticulous, precise art. Success at the highest level depends upon training, experience, and the vigilant attention to detail. We deliver a frictionless transaction experience by blending intuitive technology and high-touch person to person follow up. My commitment is to provide individual frames fabricated of state-of-the-art materials and constantly improving process techniques. We don’t submit to terror. We make the terror. Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Most of our designs have been developed over several years of riding and dialing them in. The end result is, of course, a world-class product of unsurpassed quality and technical superiority. I incorporate your needs, understand problems you’ve had in the past and create a bicycle specific for one individual only – you. I do my very best to produce the cleanest, most innovative, and best-functioning custom bicycle available. I work on each frame individually from start to finish while communicating with who ever’s on the line each step of the way. My frames fuse steel’s nearly unlimited ride-tuning potential with my understanding of how to create a bicycle that is a blend of equation and instinct. Our mission is to empower you to direct the design of your bike – tuning it to your specific needs. We only use the good stuff, there is no mystery metal from who knows where used anywhere. It’s my philosophy that your body is the most important part of the bicycle. My experience means I have point of view that’s informed and direct. I don’t mince words. My attention to detail is obsessive. I only build what I believe will work, and work well for you  I’ve honed in my skills on building the best custom carved lugged steel frames around. That’s what I do and I think you’ll agree the result speak for themselves. I like to work with people, one on one, to help them figure out what they really want in a bicycle. Our process combines advanced custom engineering, technology, material and craft, to achieve the ultimate in uncompromising performance. Painstaking measures ensure that all of the bicycles that bear our name display the highest quality in precision craftsmanship. A handmade frame is an artifact and acts as a marker of a craftsman’s ability. Perfection is often sought, but rarely achieved. But that’s beside the point. My brazing is very clean. The bikes are extremely well aligned without having to resort to cold setting. Everybody who is riding one loves the way they fit. To me, the entire custom bicycle experience should be natural and unforced, drawing from my knowledge and experience and the customers expectations. My road frames are modern in design but classic at heart, designed to be light, fast, and fit like a glove for all day comfort, yet remain stiff and snappy enough to be raced too. I spent my whole life trying not to be careless. Women and children can afford to be careless, but not men.

It’s fulfilling to be able to conceptualize something, and to be able to use my hands to make that into a real, tangible, functional thing. We’re going to craft the machine you’ve always wanted and it’s going to be unique to you. I have worked my entire adult life (so far) within the cycling industry and plan to be in it until the day I can no longer do so. We are creating the best to bring you the best.

We design and create unique frames with an unlimited amount of customization. Every aspect of our frames can be controlled to provide each rider with something to fit their needs. Classic craftsmanship and hand built meet cutting edge technology and the best materials that money can buy. I work in steel because I believe that a bike should speak to its owner, that it should contain some spark of passion that reflects not just the person who made it, but the person for whom it was built. That would be me, and of course you. We all have different parts to play, Matthew, and we must all be allowed to play them.
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