Paying A Price

by | Sep 13, 2020

One of the best dāyz this year. On a bicycle, that is. All of them, any of them, are good. But oh wow today according to my opinion.

I was mile from home at a few moments after noon and still undecided regarding the loop, the time, or direction. Then I was taken.

One right hand turn near Westbook and I realized I had a Varsity Team level tailwind to beat the band. I knew what that meant.

There’s always a price to pay because, if you’re like me, you eventually have to turn and ride home. That wacky headwind thing.

Feeling end of summer fit, smug, and so typically full of my own self, I ignored the signs. And kept rolling. All the way to Stony Creek.

I love Leetes Island Road. All of Sachem Head is God’s Country, on and off the bicycle. Especially on a beautiful September afternoon.

And then I turned around and headed East. Back to Guilford. To Madison, then Clinton, and Westbrook too. And the Almighty Hawk.

There’s something about the price of a tailwind that I’m good with. Once I pay for something it’s mine. I now own another five hours.

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