Richard Sachs 4375

by | December 13, 2012

I often get letters and emails like this one. If you stand around long enough, it’s inevitable. Typically, a reply is sent showing the line in one of my many torn and tattered log books that have some details the inquirer may find useful. Here’s a glimpse –

Hi Richard,

My name is ;kg’k’g ctks’tkg, and my father-in-law graciously gave me his Richard Sachs bike after many years of me commenting about it being a garage queen. I have two questions for you, 1) what year did you build this frame? The gear train is mid 80’s 6 speed C-Record, but I think the frame may be from an earlier vintage. My father-in-laws name is Charles O’Brien, and should be the original owner. The bottom bracket shell has 4375 and 59 stamped into it, not sure which one is the serial number. Also, Charles, has a prosthetic leg, did you make any sizing adjustments unique to this frame to accommodate?

Question number two is a little more technical. The bike is currently equipped with bar end shifters, and the downtube has brazed on cable guides. Did he originally spec the bike with these shifters or would it have originally come with downtube shifters? If I wanted to switch it back to downtube shifters, how and where would be the correct placement of them?

I’ve attached some pictures to help with my questions. Any input is greatly appreciated.

Merry Christmas,


Hi and thanks –

Too much time has passed for me to recall much about the client, or even the sale to Bicycle Technology in Philadelphia, the store that commissioned the bicycle on behalf of Mr. O’Brian. I shot these images of my log book showing some forensic details. It was made in 1980, or so it appears, and is maybe the 437th ever RS branded bicycle frame.

Best regards
Richard Sachs